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Does the offer of same day service sound a bit like a marketing gimmick to you?  It’s okay if you do, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not about marketing, and it’s not about your business–  It’s actually all about you.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s how you can take advantage of same day service:

  • No waiting around for a repair that could take days or weeks to be finished–  Instead, you’re done that day.
  • No concern about the safety or security of you and your home since you won’t have to go overnight with a broken garage door.
  • Ultimate flexibility with your schedule so you can get a service when you want it and / or when you need it.

It’s all about you, and we’re here to serve you!

Frederick Garage Doors | Wood Garage Doors vs Metal Garage Doors

Garage doors can be made of wood or metal. Whether a garage door is made of wood or metal, they have a range of advantages and disadvantages to look out for. Whichever door is chosen in the end, should reflect  the homeowner’s tastes, preferences, style and even personality. Although wood garage doors are more expensive than their metal counterparts, they are more attractive. Metal or steel garage doors on the other hand, are durable and affordable, but less attractive.

Frederick Garage Door Steel vs. Wood


In fact, some people find metal garage doors to be boring and drab. Unlike metal garage doors, wood doors are very popular among homeowners with ranches, Victoria, or even colonial style of houses with a traditional touch. These kinds of homes usually feature several wood elements that would go well with wood garage doors. There exist many wood treatment options unlike metals. Garage doors made of wood can be carved, stained or even painted in a desired finish.

However, wood should be resistant to harsh weather conditions and treated, otherwise they would get damaged easily when the conditions in the environment are not conducive. Most pre-made wood garage doors are already treated. In addition to being affordable and durable, metal garage doors can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Various metals such as steel are used to make garage doors and given different finishes; they can be given a finishing touch so they look like wood garage doors.

Before opting for a specific kind of garage door, it is wise to make comprehensive comparisons in order to end up with the best available door in the market. Avoid botched installations by hiring specialist garage door experts to do the installations. Whether you opt for a wood or metal garage door, it must match the look of your house, both on the outside and inside, while reflecting your true personality.

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